Where to Buy Avon Products Facebook Group

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Where to Buy Avon Products Facebook Group

You are cordially invited to come and be part of our new Facebook Group. Here, you will be welcome to join, post, comment, interact, ask questions, become aware of all the products of Avon that we offer, learn who we are and what we do on the web, and most of all, you are more than welcome to post your information there as well. We do not care what you do, what you sell, or who you are. You will be more than welcome to come and take part in the best place on the web to learn and purchase all of the Avon products that are available from Butch and Deborah Hamilton.

Finding a place, or better said, the person to purchase Avon for is sometimes a daunting task. We have known from our own personal experience that finding an Avon Representative is a tricky business. One time, at a local tanning salon, we found an Avon catalog with all of the wonderful products listed within it; however, the Avon representative failed to place their name, phone number and how to contact them in order to purchase the products! Naturally, Deborah and I would never do business with someone like that. We are the exact opposite of that person. We are available any time of the day or night, to answer questions, find you the best deals on Avon products, teach you how to use the Avon products, and even how to get started in your own business, if this is what you want to do. Both Deborah and myself are very well schooled in all areas of online promoting, and are more than willing to assist anyone who wishes to join our Avon team to make money from the world wide web with Avon.

We Do Not Advertise Avon Products!

Unlike many of the Avon Representatives on the web who try to convince, coerce or make you feel guilty to buy Avon from them, we are about putting our information out live on the web, but more importantly, we are some of the biggest users of Avon products as well. All of the Avon products that we offer for sale, we have tried at some point in time. Therefore, we are well informed on the Avon products that you need in order to make your life better. We are more about providing you with great customer support, great satisfaction in all your Avon purchases, and more importantly, you feeling good about doing business with us. We are here to serve your needs, not the needs of some obscure and out of touch company or person.

Our Goal is Your Satisfaction!

Deborah and I are here 24/7 to answer questions, address comments, handle complaints, find the best deals on all Avon products, offer first hand information, knowledge and good perspectives on all of the Avon products listed on our site. This is quite unique in the Avon industry, which is why we offer what no one else can do. The best customer support and satisfaction in the world of Avon products. That is our personal guarantee and goal, and one which we will back up, no matter what we have to do.

Now Its Time to Join our Facebook Group on Where to Purchase Avon Products!

Here are the links in which you can, and should become part of our Avon family. We are here to care for you and your family, like no others will do in the Avon business world. That is why you should purchase Avon products from Butch and Deborah Hamilton. We do what we will say that we will do!

  1. Where to Buy Avon Products Our WordPress Blog: https://wheretobuyavonproducts.wordpress.com Please come and comment, interact, ask questions and be part of this blog. We answer any and all questions and comments very quickly.
  2. Where to Buy Avon Products Our Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/groups/wheretobuyavonproducts You will be most welcome here, no matter who you are, what you do, or what you wish to post about, comment upon, advertise your own business and anything else that you would like to discuss. We are not here to judge, but only to provide all a unique opportunity to learn what the best people in the Avon business world are all about.


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