About Butch Hamilton

Butch Hamilton-Author-Thinker

Butch Hamilton-Author-Thinker

Creating a positive lifestyle through visualization and realization perfectly describes Butch Hamilton as he goes through life with enthusiasm, a positive mental attitude and love in his heart for all in the Universe. There is not a single day that goes by that he, and his wonderful wife Deborah, are not blessed in very special ways. Living a great life is always a matter of choice, and Butch Hamilton is the quintessential example of living that great lifestyle with Deborah, beautiful, faithful and wonderful wife of over 44 years.

The Background of Butch Hamilton

With a strong personal background in English and Journalism, Butch Hamilton entered the world of the web in early 2004. The first stop was becoming a power seller on ebay by selling and dropshipping welding supplies and equipment. This led to a renewed interest in the web and he began creating information, articles, blogging, press releases and building websites to promote his ebay business. This led to an even greater interest, and over the years, he has achieved phenomenal results as he is well known as being able to create positive and uplifting content about any subject known. This rare and priceless gift has led him to become the marketing director for several large Internet based companies, and he has conducted highly successful marketing and advertising campaigns for countless individuals and companies. Always being ever aware of the quality of content that is so vital on the world wide web, he has dedicated his life and work to that end. It is a fact that Hamilton has, and will always create more original and thought provoking content than most people on the web can even imagine!

Enter The Avon Way of Life!

With his wife Deborah Hamilton, Butch has entered into the wonderful world of Avon products. Being ever aware of the importance of knowing products and services first, before being able to write about them, Hamilton began using the full line of lotions, creams and other Avon products that assisted him in feeling better, looking better and being able to creatively and positively write about the Avon products that he has personally used. He found that talking with men and women about Avon was a natural thing for him to do, and he offers his valuable insights and perspectives to anyone who has an interest in looking better, feeling better about themselves and their lives in general.

To Hamilton, Avon is NOT just an MLM company. As a matter of fact, he and Deborah have little interest in that aspect of Avon. They are more about assisting other people in finding the right Avon product for their individual needs, and even helping them to beat the high prices on items, by telling all of their customers how they can save money by doing business with them. What a great testament for Avon products as they go about their daily routines in talking, writing, discussing and making other people aware of how they can positively and creatively make themselves feel better and look better by the daily use of Avon products.

How to Contact Butch Hamilton About Avon Products and Services He Offers!

  1. Butch Hamilton-Author-Thinker: Main Website: http://butchhamiltons.wordpress.com All comments and suggestions are welcome here!
  2. Butch Hamilton-Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ButchHamilton This is an open and public group on Facebook where all are welcome to come, interact, comment, post and learn more about Butch Hamilton and the various activities that he conducts on the web.
  3. Where to Buy Avon Products Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wheretobuyavonproducts This thought provoking Facebook Group is also open to the public. All comments, posts, interactions and activities are monitored by Butch Hamilton. This is an excellent place on the web to come and learn about the wonderful products of Avon.