About Deborah Hamilton

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative

Deborah Hamilton is the quintessential example of being a human being in the world that has always stood for integrity, morality, deep and everlasting love for family and friends, and always one that is there when needed when any crisis arrives. Deborah has spent much of her life being an interior decorator. Her skills and passion in that area can be matched by almost no one on the planet. Her keen eye for capturing the essence of a room is one that that sets Deborah apart from the rest of the mere mortals in the world. Her never endless sense of enthusiasm and happiness is catching, as anyone who has been near her will soon learn. Deborah has never met a stranger in life, and her incredible intoxicating smile and winning ways has impressed everyone that she comes in contact with in any setting.

Deborah Hamilton-Wife-Mother-Mimi

The undying devotion to family is something that is very near and dear to this special ladies heart. Making a successful marriage with her partner Butch, for over 44 years, has been a prime example of the love, loyalty and specialness that this lady possesses. Known as the best mom in the world, her talents in raising children are far ranging. Now, entering the stage of being the Mimi, her grandchildren are able to fit nicely into the life and love that Deborah Hamilton has, and is more than willing to share with her special family. Few people will ever know how deep the love that this woman possesses, but for those that have witnessed it first hand, it is truly beauty in motion.

Deborah Hamilton-Business Woman

The expertise, knowledge and drive that Deborah Hamilton has is the expression of years in the business world. Once a highly successful mortgage lender and banking employee, she has since moved into the world of call center coaching for a local, and highly esteemed call center here in Amarillo, Texas. The people that work with, trust and are mentored by Deborah Hamilton are fortunate indeed to have such a person helping guiding and leading them into the right direction in their jobs. Her professional attitude is always put first in her work, and no one works harder at achieving set goals than Deborah.

Enter The Avon Way of Life!

Deborah Hamilton has been a successful marketer and business builder with many different organizations over the years. Her drive and passion always comes forth with these companies as her passion for interior decorating always comes first no matter what business model she decides to pursue. With a highly successful career with Home Interiors and Gifts, she as able to reach a pinnacle of success that few ever master. She won numerous trips, awards and was even to receive a new Mustang as a prize for her abilities in marketing; however, the Home Interiors and Gifts fell prey to bankruptcy right before she was to receive her prize. Even this did not keep Deborah down as she actively pursued the much less effective company of Celebrating Home. Eventually, this company too fell by the wayside, leaving Deborah to decide on a new and better path to follow.

One fine day in Amarillo, Texas, Deborah and Butch Hamilton were at a local business waiting for service. Butch picked up an Avon catalog, and mentioned that this might be a good business model to pursue. The rest is history, as Deborah knew someone in the Avon business model that was active, and actually asked her if she could join. The rest was history as now, the Avon business is growing and thriving as usual, simply because of the passion that Deborah has for the business model, and the expertise in writing and online promoting that Butch Hamilton has been developing since 2004. With this winning combination of talent, there is no doubt that Avon will prosper due to their efforts…but wait, there is much more to this story!

The Hamiltons do not pursue the usual path that Avon Representatives are known for. Having had bad experiences from MLM companies from both of these people, they approach Avon for a strictly product standpoint. They use most of the Avon products each and every day. Their knowledge of them, and their passion for talking about and promoting on the web are the reasons that they have been able to build a successful business with Avon. They are not at all about the usual MLM hype and lies. They know how good Avon products are, use them every day in their lives, and in their families lives, and are more than willing and happy to share all of their insights, knowledge and expertise with the Avon products to anyone that seeks to know more. This is what separates the Hamiltons from other Avon Representatives.

Where to Buy Avon Products!
  1. Avon Calling! http://deborahhamilton.avonrepresentative.com This is Deborah Hamilton’s exclusive Avon website where one can shop and purchase more than 1500 Avon products 24/7.
  2. Where to Purchase Avon Products: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wheretobuyavonproducts This is the open Facebook Group of Butch and Deborah Hamilton where anyone can come, join, interact, post, advertise and write anything that interests them.
  3. Butch Hamilton-Author-Thinker: http://butchhamiltons.wordpress.com This is the website of Butch Hamilton-Author-Thinker. Information, ideas, systems, products, reviews, insider information and much more is available to readers on the web.